Black Bart Quarterly Review Of Books I-2

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Volume I, Number 2


Bob Kaufman, The Collected Poem of Bob Kaufman, City Lights Books, 2019
Upfromsumdirt, Deifying A Total Darkness, Harry Tankoos Books 2020
John Keene. Punks, Selected Poems, The Song Cave 2021
Will Alexander, Devine Blue Light (for John Coltrane)
City Lights Pocket Poets Series #63 2022
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Max Jacob, The Dice Cup, (trans. By Ian Seed) Wakefield Press, 2022
Andrei Codrescu, Too Late For Nightmares, Black Widow Press, 2022
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Bob Arnold, Faraway Like The Deer’s Eye, Longhouse, 2022
Barbara Henning & Maureen Owen, Poets On The Road, City Point Press, 2023
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Elizabeth C. Herron, In The Cities Of Sleep, Fernwood Press, 2023
Gwynn O’Gara, We Who Dream, Finishing Line Press, 2023
Bart Schneider, Chester Arnold, The Daily Feast, Kelly’s Cove Press, 2022
Norman Fischer, Selected Poems, Chax Press, 2022
Clifford Burke, Rain Tree Jazz (Like Haiku), & Modulations,
Desert Rose Press Keepsake Series, Winter, 2023 & Spring, 2023
Barbara Henning, Take It Down, above/ground press 2023
Tinker Greene, Look What Happens, 2023
Joel Dailey’s Swoopcards 9 & 21
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Ivan Suvanieff’s The New Censorship  
A Monthly Magazine of The Next Savage State
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