—Special Collection Gallery—

The New Censorship,
The Monthly Journal of The Next Savage State

The New Censorship as the Monthly Journal of the Next Savage State was published from 1990 through 1997 from Denver, Colorado by the inimitable Ivan Suvanjieff, world peace ambassador, co-founder of Peace Jam, film producer, Quanta Dada artist, rock and art critic, friend of Elmore Leonard, Desmond Tutu, and HH Delai Lama. Anselm Hollo provided the name and Andrei Codrescu came up with “the journal of the next savage state.” The contributor’s list for The New Censorship reads like a who’s who of radical American poets and artists in the closing years of the 20th Century.

A modest selection would include
*Anne Waldman*Yvonne Jacquette*Keith Abbott*Tom Clark*Francesco Clemente*Lawrence Ferlinghetti*Jim Gustafson*Bobbie Louise Hawkins*Andrei Codrescu*Jack Collum*Allen Ginsberg*Anselm Hollo*Fielding Dawson*Robert Kelly*Charles Bukowski*Christo*Alex Katz*Joe Brainard*Kenward Elmslie*Andrew Schelling*George Schneeman*Kathy Acker*Eileen Myles*Dale Chisman*Pat Nolan*Lucia Berlin*Joel Dailey* Joanne Kyger*Donald Guravich*Lorenzo Thomas*

(see back cover in the gallery for a complete list of contributors)

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