Conditions Of Parole

SUBMISSIONS are open to the Membership of The New Black Bart Poetry Society, dues paying as well as honorary members.   Members have the option of using their Society ‘go-by’ (alias) when submitting articles, reviews, and commentary for inclusion in Parole.  Membership in The New Black Bart Poetry Society is open to all.  Simply click on the ‘follow’ option and you are automatically a member, entitled to submit essays, critical or otherwise, on poetry, poets, and related subjects for consideration.  It is reasonable to query the Parole Officer first at nuallainhousepublishers(at)gmail(dot)com

Parole is under no obligation to publish poems, comments, retorts, troll droppings, or lame excuses for discourse.
Comments should confine themselves to three categories: Like, Dislike, and Why Bother.
Lengthy comments can and will most likely be edited by the Parole Officer as suits the often tenuous viewpoint of the blog.
Commentators are allowed a maximum of three replies to responses made by others participating in the discussion of a particular posting.
Threads will be snipped at the first sign of dreariness.