Conditions Of Parole

Membership in The New Black Bart Poetry Society is open to all. Simply click on the ‘follow’ option and you are automatically a member, entitled to submit blurbs, reviews, and essays, critical or otherwise, on poetry, poets, and related subjects for consideration.

SUBMISSIONS are open to the Membership of The New Black Bart Poetry Society, dues paying as well as honorary members. Members have the option of using their Society ‘go-by’ (alias) when submitting articles, reviews, and commentary for inclusion in Parole.

After ten years The New Black Bart Poetry Society is updating its Conditions of Parole. Book blurbs (300 wds+/-), book reviews (300 to 1K wds), and feature articles (3K wds max) will be considered for publication in a quarterly reviews of books, Black Bart Quarterly Review Of Books. Membership in the Society is not necessary, however member submissions will be given preference.

Conditions: Unlike a certain Midwest book review quarterly, BBQ does not require the reviewer’s impartiality and will accept material authored by acquaintances, associates, lovers, and/or family of the authors and books under review (i.e., it’s ok to write a review of a book by someone you know). Negative reviews will be consider but only if they are of the highest octane vitriol. Mealy mouth hit pieces will find their place in the ash heap of history. 

It is reasonable to query the Parole Officer first at nuallainhousepublishers(at)gmail(dot)com

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