Pac Rim

Pac Rim

Pacific Rim not only designates a geophysical location but a zone of influence as well. As Rexroth so aptly put it, “The Pacific divides as well as unites.” The posts collected under this heading take a look at poets and poetries associated with the West Coast of North America as well as China, Japan, and Australia. The poetic concerns are a cross-section of modernism’s diversity from Language School to New York School to the more laid back but no less vital California School.
Caveat Lector: some of the post below can be found under comparable headings as well.

At A Secret Location by Pat Nolan

A Precursor To Haiku by Pat Nolan

Edgy Dreams 

The Great Broadside Swipe  by Steven Lavoie

Poetry In Exile  by Pat Nolan

now be clay in the ground by Mark Young

Bromige Immortalized  by Steven Lavoie

Bromige Was Here by Pat Nolan

This Is How Legends Begin Festschrift for Keith Kumasen Abbott curated by Pat Nolan

The Education of Pat Nolan by Pat Nolan

Beyond Haiku by Pat Nolan 

“A Continuous Fabric (Nerve Movie?)” Part One by Bruce Holsapple

“A Continuous Fabric (Nerve Movie?)” Part Two by Bruce Holsapple

Meditations In An Emergency, Part One by David Perry

Meditations In An Emergency, Part Two  by David Perry

Joanne Elizabeth Kyger; A Remembrance curated by Sara Safdie

David Bromige: Always Better Than You Thought by Pat Nolan

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