Reform Schools

Reform Schools

The heading of this category takes its cue from a comment attributed to Ted Berrigan to the effect that if Bill Berkson was New York School then everyone else was “reform school.” “The New York School of Poets” gets a fair share of attention in posts on Notley, Carey, O’Hara, Owen, Padgett, Codrescu, and the afore mentioned Berrigan and Berkson. “A California School of New York Poets” is also given space, the likes of which would include Tom Clark, Keith Kumasen Abbott, and Pat Nolan among others. Anselm Hollo and The Actualist also receive their due as does Paul Blackburn. Minimalism gets a humorous parsing. And The Lang Gang,  represented in posts on Scalapino and Bromige, are given a thoughtful appreciation. Bookstores and little magazines come in for consideration as well with the fable small press nook at City Lights as does Keith Kumasen Abbott’s legendary mimeo magazine Blue Suede Shoes. And yet this barely represents the tip of the tip of the poetry iceberg.

Caveat Lector: some of the post below are replicated under comparable headings elsewhere.

The Poetics of Defiance  

Notley Noir

Steve Carey, Smith Going Backward  by Pat Nolan

Way Way West  by Steven Lavoie

Frank O’Hara’s Lunch Poems 50th Anniversary All Star Reading by Steven Lavoie

Someone Else’s Paul Blackburn

Contributors Notes by Pat Nolan

Minimalist Poetry

At A Secret Location

Don’t Mess With Bill 

In Conversation With Maureen Owen 

The [Attempted] Assassination of Ted Berrigan

Some Assembly Required  

Into The Heart Of Wetness by Pat Nolan

Meditation In A Big Cabin by Pat Nolan 

I Remember Tom Clark by Pat Nolan

hard as nails  by Carol Ciavonne

Blue Suede Shoes Redux; The Specimen Issue 

Disfigured Iambics by Andrew Schelling

Needles Auto by Pat Nolan

“A Continuous Fabric (Nerve Movie?)” Part One by Bruce Holsapple

“A Continuous Fabric (Nerve Movie?)” Part Two by Bruce Holsapple

David Bromige: Always Better Than You Thought by Pat Nolan