The Whalen Papers

The Whalen Papers

One of the missions of the New Black Poetry Society has been getting the word out about the life and work of the poet Philip Whalen (1922-2003). Here are the posts and links that have appeared in Parole over the last ten years.

Never Apologize, Never Explain, The Poetry Of Philip Whalen  by Pat Nolan  

Never Apologize Never Explain (The Poetry Of Philip Whalen), Part II by Pat Nolan  

A Diamond Wired For Sound by Keith Kumasen Abbott

Little Mag Art  by Keith Kumasen Abbott

Philip Whalen: Beset By Irony  by Pat Nolan

Epilegmena To The Prolegmena  by Pat Nolan

Rhythm-A-Ning by Keith Kumasen Abbott

Commonplace Discoveries by Philip Whalen

Nothing Is Forever by Keith Kumasen Abbott

Report: Scenes From Life by Pat Nolan

Whalen and Wieners: Eavesdropping On The Greats

Hello, I Must Be Going Part I by Steve Silberman

Hello, I Must Be Going Part II  by Steve Silberman

In Close Proximity, Part One by David Schneider 

In Close Proximity, Part Two by David Schneider

This Heaven Where We Live As Music by Keith Kumasen Abbott